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Our Mission

Everyone's story is unique and as important as the next. We want people to be true to themselves. To share their personality, individual style and beauty. Our mission is to provide comfort while staying authentic to unique fashion for the mood you're in and we understand that this changes daily.
Our designs are universal in age, gender and function. It can be worn cuddled up on the couch or out for a movie in your favourite heels and leather jacket.
One day a T-shirt can represent the comfort of remembering an old friend, the next it is a fierce night out on the town with some besties causing unspeakable memories ;)

Welcome to FMTY

Hi my name is Cindy and with the support of my Husband, son and daughter I would like to welcome you to from me to you and just how I stumbled upon my dream.

Fmty was created from passion, love and survival. Without getting too in depth I will simply say that for the first time in many years I started to recognize myself and see my dreams. I stopped holding myself back and allowed myself to start taking chances.

It began with me picking up a pencil in physiotherapy and I never looked back. Designing has become like taking in oxygen for me, it brings me such joy and I just want to share it with everyone.

I am truly grateful for anyone that finds happiness and a connection to any of my work, and am honoured when people ask me to create custom work to help further their business.

I went through a lot to get here! I can't say I would change any of it because it gave me this beautiful gift. Sometimes what seems to be your worst day can really just be the beginning to your best adventure!